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Alright you guys! Here is where, if you are particularly fond of the icons I make, you can request I make one for you! :D YAY!

So let's get right down to business. This is how it works:

✖ You fill out the form and reply with it as a comment on this post right here.
✖ I'll make the icon, and then post it on the next batch I post (I try to do these weekly).
✖ I will reply to your original comment to let you know when your icon has been posted.
✖ You get your icon! Yay! :D

There are a couple of rules to what you can request:

✖ Please give me as high a quality picture as possible; the lower the quality, the harder it is for me to edit it to look good. If you don't have a picture, please be as specific as possible with what you want so I can try to find it. I might still ask you to find a picture if the subject matter is too obscure.
✖ Don't hotlink to other people's images -- please upload them to your own photobucket.
✖ Please don't give me any fanart unless you yourself are the artist.
✖ Please don't send me other people's bases! If you make a base and want it iconed, that's fine, just don't send me ones that belong to others.
✖ Please be as specific as possible with anything else you want -- song lyrics, a phrase, whatever. If you want song lyrics, please give me the artist and the name of the song as well. (:

SO YAY! Here's the code, and a sample comment:


Subject Matter』Phoenix Wright, Edgeworth
Image URL
Text』"The things I really cared about just left along the way"; from Ben Folds - Evaporated
Color Specifics』I want it to be white and blue... please color Edgeworth too.
Crop Specifics』Please use the startled Edgeworth at the top of the scan.

So get to requesting, yous guys! :D