October 7th, 2008



[x]06 Bakuman
[x]01 Final Fantasy XII
[x]01 Fullmetal Alchemist
[x]02 Gaia Online
[x]02 Gundam 00
[x]02 Persona 3
[x]12 Tales of the Aybss
[x]01 The World Ends With You

[x]27 Total

Credit isn't required, but is completely appreciated.
Not for crit, unless I ask for it.
Please e-mail me if you have an issue with a brush or image used here, and we'll work out credit/removal. Resources are listed here.
Comments are faaaantastic~ let me know what you take so I know what you like. If you'd like to make a personal request, you may do so here.
The archive is located over here for your viewing pleasure.

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